Document Management is the process of managing documents of your organization through their lifecycle in an orderly manner with version control.

An organization can manage and share documents electronically in a distributed environment with different user access levels and encrypting confidential documents thus protecting the documents from falling into unauthorized users. Using FileEazy! your organization will benefit by :

FileEazy! supports a wide range of industry standard file formats. Word processing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, reports, forms, audio, video, artwork, photographs. The following file formats are supported: Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, PDF files, TIFF files, image files and ZIP files.

FileEazy! maintains unlimited versions of a document. This feature allows users to revert to earlier versions of documents with just a few clicks.

In FileEazy! documents are categorized and stored under different in document types and departments or groups. You must create document types and departments or groups first and assign appropriate user permissions.

In FileEazy! you can create unlimited number of document types or categories and store an unlimited number of documents. The number is limited only by the hard disk space you have. In order to efficiently manage tons of files, FileEazy! is designed with paging on the server and client side. For example, when submit a query to the server or a search is performed the FileEazy! never returns the whole search result to the client. It only returns the first page at first thus displaying the first quickly to the user. The subsequent pages are loaded only when you click the next page. This minimizes the server resource, the client resource and communication resource utilization.

Sure, you can. FileEazy! has a powerful import and export tool that allows users to import their existing documents in bulk. Using a csv file the imported documents can be updated with its corresponding index fields. The data in your csv file can be in any order. During the import process you can dynamically map the fields.

Yes, we do! FileEazy! has a dynamic user-configurable workflow engine that allows assignment of roles, responsibilities and delegation. You can define your business rule in your workflow and expect it to work seamlessly. Examples include leave application processing, supplier invoice processing, claims/expense processing, financial approval processes etc.