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For large enterprises and heavy users

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US$ per user per month
Number Of Users
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Disk Space
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Advanced Search Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fine Tune Your Search Find your documents using more filter conditions
Saved Search Save your search conditions so that you don't have to input the conditions again
Content Search Search texts inside the document
Audit Trail Yes Yes Yes Yes
Audit Records Keep track of what happened and when
User Activity Keep track of each user's activity, detect suspicious actions
Check-in/Check-out Yes Yes Yes Yes
Check-out Check-out document and lock it from editing
Check-in Create a new version of the document while checking-in
Encrypt/Decrypt Yes Yes Yes Yes
Document Encryption Encrypt your PDF documents so that other users cannot open or modify
Export/Import Yes Yes Yes Yes
Export Data Choose the fields to export data to a text file, PDF and Excel formats
Import Data Import data in bulk using a .csv file rather than adding one by one
Version Control Yes Yes Yes Yes
Versioning Create new versions of a document and save the old version
Bookmark PDF New Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bookmarks Create bookmarks in your PDF documents to access those pages quickly
Merge PDFs New Yes Yes Yes Yes
PDF Merger Add or remove pages to/from PDF
Page positioning Decide where new pages must be added (beginning, end or after a certain page number)
Form Designer Yes Yes Yes Yes
Screen Design Design and decide how your data entry screens will look
Data Validations Set data entry validations
Calculated Filed Create formulae and show calculated vaues
Image Rotation/Zoom Yes Yes Yes Yes
View Image View images from different angles, rotate and zoom in, zoom out
Online Virus Scanner Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon
Virus Scanning Scan daily all your documents and archives including ZIP, RAR, Dmg, Tar and others
Document Annotation No Yes Yes Yes
Sign Your Document Electronically sign your document using your own saved signature
Add Comments Add comments, reply to comments and more comments by various users
Add Stamps Add stamps to documents such Draft, Approved, Rejected, Signed etc.
Redact Text Hide portions of the text which certain users don't have access to. For e.g. salary in an employment offer
Apps No Yes Yes Yes
No code Apps Create your own apps with custom fields such as Employee Management, Inventory Management, Customer and Contact Management
Access Permissions Set access permissions for the Apps. For e.g. Employee Management App can only be accessed by the HR department
Validations Set validations and permissions for each field within the App. For e.g., Salary field is visible only to the HR Manager, Date input must be greater than today etc.
Custom Fields Create unlimited custom fields with validation rules ad access permissions
OCR New No Yes Yes Yes
Optical Character Recognition Convert images files to text so that you can easily search through the images
Forms & Work Flow No No Yes Yes
Forms Create highly flexible forms that can be submitted to a user, department or a workflow
Workflow Create Workflows that can follow a business process within the organisation, such as an approval process
Document Routing/Assigning New No No Yes Yes
Route or Assign Manually assign documents to multiple users for review and approval
Email Documents No No Coming soon Coming soon
Email Documents Email your documents from FileEazy! to external users for review, sign etc.
Calendar and Task Manager No No Yes Yes
Tasks Create and assign tasks for yourself, your team, set priority and due date
Calendar Create events that will be visible to your team
Scan into FileEazy! No No Coming soon Coming soon
Add documents by scanning Scan documents directly into FileEazy! instead of adding manually
Configure Mailboxes (IMAP) New No No No Yes
Website Publishing No No No Coming soon
Share Documents Share your documents with outside users, get it reviewed and signed
Permissions Set access permissions such as password, expiry date of the shared documents
Track Shared Documents Track when and how the users accessed the documents that are shared with them
Digital Signature New No No Yes Yes
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Features common to all plans

  • YesUnlimited number of Custom Fields
  • YesUnlimited number of Document Types
  • YesUnlimited number of documents
  • YesUnlimited number of Apps
  • YesHighly flexible Form Designer
  • YesDocument Tagging
  • YesAdd text and voice comments
  • YesReply to comments
  • YesBuilt-in Document Editor
  • YesDetailed Audit Trails
  • YesCreate/Upload your signature
  • YesAdvanced Security and Access Control
  • YesAutomatic lockout of suspicious login attempts
  • YesDocument Version Control
  • YesGranular permissions
  • YesCustom Global Settings such as date/time, Password complexity etc.
  • YesIntelligent Dashboard
  • YesCustom stamps/labels
  • YesCheck-in/Check-out documents
  • YesAdd pages to/remove pages from PDF
  • YesCustomizable skin
  • Yes3D/CAD Viewer
  • YesCustom reminders for documents and tasks
  • YesSet expiry date for documents
  • YesInApp and Email notifications
  • YesContent search